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Senior Technical Pre Sales Consultant

Senior Technical Pre Sales Consultant

Proven, technically-minded solution architect / pre-sales professional, capable of dealing at director and C-level and ideally carrying a working knowledge of broad technologies and enterprise architecture (web, on-premise, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud, AWS or Azure). Excellent listening and communication skills, able to distil and action key points identified during conversations.  Read More

Bid Management

Bid Management

A bid manager’s job is to oversee the entire bidding process, right from selecting relevant bids through to managing the team who will be writing them. Bid managers will also contribute to the bid where relevant.

It is essential that a bid manager has a deep understanding of the commercial and operational aspects of a business. This supplies them with the knowledge they need in order to write some parts of the bid and select the best-suited contributors that can enhance the bid with their own knowledge and specific information.

Bid managers also need to understand what the tendering organisation is looking for in order to create a bid that will really prove why your company should be successful in securing the tender project.

Technical Project Management

Technical Project Management

All project managers must possess organizational prowess, leadership capability, and communication skills to be successful. When it comes to IT projects, you can add technological knowledge and expertise to the equation. Technical project management is a unique branch of the field that comes with its own challenges and opportunities.

Technical project management is the process of managing IT or IT-related projects. Technical project managers are critical to the conception, development, and execution of these projects. In addition to understanding the technical content of the project, they must handle all the duties normally ascribed to project managers, such as:

  • Planning
  • Scheduling and timeline maintenance
  • Execution
  • Managing the budget
  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Ongoing maintenance
Delivery Management

Delivery Management

IT Delivery Management translates an organization’s IT strategy into a sustainable reality. Cornerstone and its IT Delivery Management offerings cover a breadth of individual IT services and combine real-world experience with industry-standard best practices to deliver real value. Broad service categories include PMO, IT Service Management and Regulatory Management & Compliance.  All offerings focus on producing practical results for each of our clients.





My Services

Pre Sales

Consultative selling is the way forward and is not easy. Pre-sales, Sales and Marketing need to spend time to learn and understand all about the products they are offering, the services they can offer all its characteristics and how it fits into the wider world.

Technical Project Management

Responsible for providing project planning and management for initiatives within a company. Ensure that projects are completed to specification, within an established time frame and budget. Act as the lead subject matter expert within the company regarding technology concerns. Use industry expertise to improve all aspects of project planning and resource management.

Technical Account Management

Responsible for maintaining relationships with current clients, addressing their technology needs as well as finding opportunities for expanding client database.

Besides building strong relationships with customers, Able to understand the needs and goals of potential future clients, and use that to introduce the company's products and services.

Contact Me

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or messages. 

Contact details

Current location: Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Email: kuldeepuk.kohli@gmail.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kaldeep-k-k




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