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Alan Turing changed history with a simple question: "Can machines think?" Turing's paper "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" (1950), and it's subsequent Turing Test, established the fundamental goal and vision of artificial intelligence. In this article, I am going to share some thoughts on the role Artificial Intelligence, and how neural networks might play in software-driven (SDN) networks of the future, including 5G, 6G and Network slicing. This is important for safety-critical applications of IT with high bandwidth and low latency such as smart transport (cars, trains, trucks). Personal Article Look at this article with an open mind. I will aim to show you how AI and Neural Networks are already being implemented in some basic forms in modern 5G, 6G Hybrid Networks and Network slicing. My current role is as a Senior Pre-Sales Consultant for Telecommunications. I see how the complexity of managing telecommunication networks increases regularly. I also see the increasingly complex system requirements from Telco companies for improving the manageability and service levels of their Networks. I have combined what I regularly see with self-paced learning courses in Phase-Based Optical Networks and Artificial Intelligence. The views I express in this article are just a summary of what I am learning. Introduction Already today, there is a certain amount of AI being built into Telco Networks mostly, for example, 5G networks. With Software Driven Networks (SDN) and virtual network functions (VNF) such as virtual network routing, we already see what could be the building blocks of an AI Network. The deployment model of these networks already resembles the building blocks of a Neural Network. For example, look at the diagrammatic representation of an SDN Network below and compare it to a diagrammatic view of a Neural network.

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